Xiaomi is recognized for selling smart phones with topmost hardware at a cheap price. Though Xiaomi smartphones are not formally available in the US, they could be bought over importers. We have a 5.7-inch xiaomi 5s plus and could show you in this first hands-on appearance at what the Chinese smart phone can offer, as well as whether it may be an alternate to the Google Pixel XL.

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus design plus build quality

In the Mi 5s Plus, Xiaomi has prepared a few design particulars diverse from those of the Mi 5 offered at the Mobile World Congress 2016. Particulars such as: the camera plus fingerprint sensor have been offset, as well as the back is now no extensive prepared of glass but from fleecy aluminum.

The many design changes would not be seen by everybody, but anybody who already has had a Mi 5 would immediately identify the change in design plus craftsmanship. For instance, the fingerprint sensor was motivated from the front toward the back of the device.

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus software

The Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus derives from the plant with MIUI 8 by now pre-installed. This firmware by Xiaomi is founded on Android 6.0.1 as well as is very much geared to the favorites of the Chinese homebased market. An app drawer does not be present; all apps are stowed on the home screens. Moreover, Google Apps are not preinstalled since there is no Google Play Store in China. A post-install by an APK is likely so as to the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus could be equipped by all the apps from the Play Store.

The inventions in MIUI 8, associated to the 7 series, are very widespread and we could not detail all of them in our practical. We will offer more particulars in our final test.

Xiaomi smartphones provision only English plus Chinese languages. This was moreover the case with our test example. But the very big Xiaomi community is by now working on a MIUI 8 firm ware that comprises the Google Play Store for the Mi 5s Plus, so as to you can install a firmware with English language later.

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus performance

In terms of performance, the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus is at the similar level as the Google Pixel XL, which prices up to $869. As in the Google phone, the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus moreover features Qualcomm’s newest processor, the Snapdragon 821 by the Adreno 530 GPU. Moreover, our test device had 6 GB of RAM plus 128 GB of inner memory. All of that must theoretically be sufficient to run the Google Pixel XL in to the ground.

If you disregard the usual points of criticism for an imported device – doubtful warranty– then the Mi 5s Plus offers a topmost product for very little money. The Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus even has the technical potential to be a topmost smartphone threat. You will learn whether the Xiaomi phablet actually meets these high prospects in our final review. On the other hand the signs already appearance good.

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