Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Smart Watches Review

Amazfit PACE is an affordable GPS allowed operating watch which connects the company’s Arc and ceramic-based Moonbeam and Equator activity trackers.

The system actually looks a lot, in fact exactly, like Xiaomi Huami Amazfit launched in beginning 2016 for the China discussing region. When you understand that the company is owned by Huami.

The line between fitness and health trackers and smart watches is clouding. PACE is one of the new plants of wearables that are designed to serve as both. On paper, the relatively inexpensive system offers functions only completely fledged fitness and health devices offer such as GPS, ongoing pulse amount monitoring, on board storage for music and excellent battery power. But does this watch really mark all the boxes?


XIAOMI HUAMI AMAZFIT is an attractive looking sports watch. It really is. Smart Watches have an elegant traditional look and doesn’t feel extremely large when used. I would be equally comfortable wearing it for a morning hour’s jog or an official evening out. Although it is unisex, I suspicious the fantastic round style would be more attractive to men. With a weight of only 54 grams, this watch feels incredibly light with its clay the beginning resistant top and bottom plastic portion.

In terms of actual specifications, Xiaomi Huami Amazfit does not come across as too big with its 1.34 inch screen and a reasonable, 320 x 200 quality screens. Where it is different some of the competition, is it’s always on trans-elective colour LCD touchscreen display. It seems, this mixture of specifications does not strain battery power too much.

Features and software

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit paths pretty much everything you would expect from a completely fledged fitness and health monitoring system. It will instantly keep track of your daily actions, range, calorie consumption and rest. For operating, the monitoring system catches all the essential analytics including: range, time, pace, pulse amount, calorie consumption, rate, pedal rotation, maximum/average shifting pace, maximum/average shifting rate, maximum/average pedal rotation, elevation, level gain, level loss and minimum/maximum elevation.

Smart Watches screen makes it simple to view the details both during your runs and after. You get around the displays by using up, left, right and down. Pushing the physical button on the side of the frame will allow you to return to this watch face.

Each screen is actually a different app, screening various details such as actions, pulse amount, rest, stop-watch and weather. Tap on any of these, and you will usually get more details.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit will also track your rest every night, and you’ll be happy to know that it does this instantly. All you need to do is to remember to wear Smart Watches. The information it provides is quite specific. It’s important to note that rest monitoring is still not theory, so take all this with a touch of suspicion. What you get is plenty of your energy when you dropped off and awoke, total rest time, time period in Deep, Light rest and conscious time.

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